At Logwood Village our residents and dayworkers are given a meaningful work opportunity either in our Protective Workshop or our Income Producing Workshop. We follow a people centred developmental approach and provide capacity building programmes, work skills training and appropriate support services and adhere to the minimum standards of the Department of Social Development.

Residents and dayworkers move within their own capabilities and speed to achieve their highest level of functioning. No-one is pressurised above their level of competency and all our residents and day workers are remunerated monthly.

Work contributes hugely to their individual development and the result is self-worth, self-esteem, a sense of accomplishment and pride in what they are doing. Our residents and day workers are making a meaningful contribution to society and the economy and are gaining the respect they deserve from the broader community.

In addition to our dayworkers and residents we have an outreach programme which provides employment on a contract basis to members of a nearby informal settlement community. Our Income Producing workshop operates as a viable sustainable income stream, which secures an additional source of income to complement our government subsidy and fees, received.

Our services are such that we can accommodate large numbers of labour intensive operations within a short time frame.


  • Assembling of products

  • Sorting

  • Labelling

  • Bulk serviette folding

  • Gift wrapping and hamper filling

  • Packaging

  • Insertion of flyers into envelopes

  • Quality control and Stock control service provided