Logwood Village is a home for Intellectually Disabled Adults. It is a place that touches everyone who comes into contact with us.


To our residents, Logwood Village is home. It’s a safe, caring environment and an extended family of peers. While being devoted community contributors, Logwood Village also aspires to be self-sufficient. It’s a place to live, love, work and play, keeping fit and healthy.


Logwood Village began as the Johannesburg branch of Sunfield Homes, which had been in existence since 1954. Logwood Village became independent into 1996, registered its own Section 21 Company and was registered as a non-profit organisation.


Our community is nestled within a country environment where 104 adults with Intellectual Disabilities are able to live a normal as possible life within a protective environment. Individuals are given the opportunity to develop to their full potential and as a result experience quality of life. The Department of Social Development partially subsidise the operations of our home and as our residents are not able to fully support themselves financially they receive a Government Disability Grant.


Through the programmes we run, we have proved that adults with intellectual disabilities can live a meaningful life and are able to develop and grow much more than we dreamt was possible. All they need is someone who believes in them and plays a supportive role with each brave step they take.



The team at Logwood Village believes that through holistic facilitation, adults with Intellectual Disabilities are able to develop, grow and reach their full potential, whilst enjoying a meaningful quality of life.



We are committed to the development of adults with Intellectual Disabilities towards self-actualisation and a full meaningful life. They are given the opportunity to achieve independence to direct their own lives with support and guidance whilst upholding their personal right to respect and dignity.


At Logwood Village we strive to provide a developmental programme, with facilitation, which includes life skills training, socialisation and meaningful work opportunities thus enabling our residents to experience a fully rewarding life, normalised within the safety of a protective environment.