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Logwood services are the ongoing activities and offerings to support and care for the residents. This includes residential care, medical assistance, life skills training, social activities, protective employment training, and therapy sessions, among others.

Logwood projects are specific time-bound initiatives aimed at enhancing facilities, training and implementing new programs and engaging with the community and resident families. This includes building a new accessible playground, launching an art therapy program, or renovating living spaces. The Edu-stimulation Project, was successful and is now part of our services. 

Services at Logwood Village

Residential Care Services

  • 24/7 Nursing Services

  • 24/7 Frail Care

  • Assisted Living

  • Independent Living

  • Daycare Centre

Projects at Logwood Village

The Chicken Project Farm

Our residents are responsible for the chickens and the harvesting of their eggs. 

We sell our eggs to residents' family and friends. 

In the long-term we hope to expand the operation to provide additional funding into Logwood. 


We have partnered with Xpedite Systems and have installed an Aquaponics vegetable and herb garden.


Although this project is still in the foundation stages, it is already supplying our kitchen with vegetables.


In the long-term we hope to expand the operation to provide additional funding into Logwood. 

Fund Raising & Community Outreach

Every year we host a Donors and Funders Brunch to express our gratitude, showcase our successful projects, and our wonderful residents' achievements.

Annual Christmas Market

Our Christmas Market is held every year in November on a Saturday.

We rent stall to local vendors to sell their produce and merchandise.

Entertainment also provided on the day (Music and Games etc.)

Health & Hygiene Care Plan

This project will allow us to ensure that every health and /or hygiene aspect of our residents are seen to, recorded and followed up on an annual basis.

We are engaging the Dept of Health, to include Logwood in their wellness days, where they come to Logwood to do these checks. These services will be available to both our residents and staff.

We are further engaging with healthcare professionals to offer similar but  specialized services pro-bono to Logwood.

Solar Energy

Coming Soon...

We are in the process of raising funds for the project. 

Annual "Big Walk" 

Our Big Walk is held very year in September on a Sunday.

Everyone is welcome, the Big Walk sponsors a 1km walk for all our residents.

Our fresh produce farmed by the residents are available for purchase. 

Annual Race Day

Coming soon...

Our annual race day held in partnership with Turrfontein Race course was on hold during Covid, this is in the process of reinitiating.  

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