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Applying for a new resident?

We support intellectual and other disabilities, when you apply, please tell us exactly what support you would need for your

  • Our staff are experienced in caregiving and ready to serve our residents to the best of our capability.

  • Logwood Village adheres to the prescribed Occupational Health and Safety requirements, and we ensure that all our residents can access all amenities.

  • Our residents have individualised care plans that address health, hygiene, therapeutic needs, all activities, and special requirements.

  • Our programmes are designed for a balance between structured programmes and opportunities for leisure and personal growth.

  • To start your journey at Logwood Village. Each applicant is assessed on an individual basis by our competent Social Work Department.

  • Once you have scheduled an appointment by clicking the link below, please complete the Residential Application Form and send it to

Testimonials & Resident Stories


 "We know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Logwood Village is the answer to our prayers, that Waldi is being well cared for and that after all there is a happy and safe future in store for her where she can lead a fulfilling life"

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